Join a brand new, fast-paced and fun family adventure through Harrow with Professor Greenhill’s Adventure Quest – all from the comfort of your sofa!

Our intriguing and shape-shifting host will guide you through this interactive challenge, giving you puzzles to solve, riddles to unravel and clues to crack before you can unlock the next part of the mysterious story. A six-part tale which will take you in around Harrow to places you think you know – but will never have seen in this way before! Professor Greenhill will guide the way, but it will be the collective wisdom of your family, young and old, that will progress you along your journey.

An entertaining and interactive online quest experience for the whole family to get involved with and enjoy together, presented by leading children’s theatre company Full House Theatre. You will be given everything you will need to work out Professor Greenhill’s mysterious story, which will be completed online from home.

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